Is Your Mortgage Due for Renewal? Do You Know Your Options?

 If your mortgage is approaching its maturity date, within the next 6 months, it’s time to start planning your options. Most lenders will contact their borrowers up to 6 months in advance to renew their mortgage early – even before the term expires. These renewal offers are sometimes up to .50% higher than what is available in the marketplace and most banks hope that you simply sign and return the renewal offer. Don’t sign anything without first consulting with a Mortgage Professional, one phone call alone could save you thousands of dollars of unnecessary interest.

How can we save you money? Because we offer our up-front fully discounted rates without you having to beg or having you bring your entire portfolio over to qualify for our low rates. We also take care of all the documentation for you and help with transferring your mortgage. That’s our promise!

Remember, at AFG Mortgages Inc. – We work for YOU, not the bank!

Here are some benefits of letting us help you move your mortgage:

  •  We offer our best  rates UP FRONT! – Most banks won’t dare do this because they will be losing thousands in interest revenue. They’re rich enough already! Let’s make sure we beat the banks! 
  •  Competitive Products – Your bank will only offer you what they can, we shop the entire mortgage marketplace for you! 
  •  We are Mortgage EXPERTS! – We eat, live, and breathe Mortgages – this is all we do! 

Not convinced yet? Contact us and let us show you how much money you will save by working with us!